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Services for Adults 65+

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We Believe In Preventive Care At Honeycomb Medical Group.

Our goal is to improve outcomes and quality by focusing on healthcare not sickcare; we don’t want to see you in the office only when you’re sick. Every patient is different, and our care plans will be designed around each individual.
Here are just some of the benefits we offer our Medicare and Medicare Advantage patients:
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Annual Wellness Visit

This is a preventive care visit we want to provide to every Medicare patient. During this visit we will review your medical history, current medications, and any existing health conditions to develop or update a personalized prevention plan based on your current health and risk factors. This is not a physical exam or a sick visit, this is a great opportunity for patients to spend time with their doctor or nurse practitioner to identify goals, risks and partner to develop a plan to achieve and maintain good health. This really is one of the best visits for your doctor or nurse practitioner to understand more about your health. Plus, Medicare covers one AWV per year at no cost!

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Chronic Care Management

For patients with multiple chronic conditions, this Medicare program allows our clinics to coordinate with patients outside of in-person visits.

1. You have a dedicated point of contact for your healthcare needs 24/7
2. You’ll have regular check-ins to monitor your health
3. Assistance with medication management and prescription refills
4. Access to educational materials and resources to help manage your chronic conditions
5. Improved communication between all healthcare providers involved in your care.
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Remote Patient Monitoring

This allows us to prescribe a patient a medical device connected to the internet that allows early intervention and improved management of chronic conditions. Your devices send information to your doctor and nurse practitioner in real-time and results in improved patient outcomes and in some cases reducing unnecessary hospital admissions and readmissions. We provide these devices to patients:

1. Blood Pressure Cuff
2. Heart Rate Monitors
3. Pulse Oximeters
4. Weight Scale
5. Blood Glucose Monitors
*You may be responsible for copays and deductibles associated with any services you receive as part of the CCM and RPM programs.