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Annual Physicals

Annual Physicals

About Annual Physicals

Annual physicals are a great way to ensure you’re in shape and identify health issues at an early stage. Honeycomb Medical Group offers annual physicals at its four offices in Memphis, Tennessee, and Holly Springs, Mississippi, that ensure you’re fit and enable you to receive prompt treatment for underlying medical conditions. Call your nearest Honeycomb Medical Group office to book an annual physical or request an appointment online today. 

Annual Physicals Q & A

What are annual physicals?

Annual physicals are yearly exams where your Honeycomb Medical Group primary care provider looks for signs of developing health problems. Having an annual physical ensures that you receive treatment before diseases cause irreversible damage or distressing symptoms.

If you’re fit and healthy, an annual physical gives you peace of mind, knowing you’re safe to pursue an active lifestyle. Honeycomb Medical Group’s providers also offer expert advice and support for patients who could improve their health by making lifestyle changes. Vaccinations and boosters are available if you need them.

What happens at my annual physical?

Each person’s annual physical follows a similar process, but your provider personalizes it to account for individual differences. The exam begins with a medical history review, looking at your previous health problems and conditions affecting other family members. You and your provider also discuss your current health and any issues you experience.

Next is the physical exam. Your provider checks your basic health indicators, including:

  • Weight
  • Blood pressure
  • Heart rate
  • Respiration (breathing) rate
  • Heart and lung sounds
  • Temperature
  • Reflexes

They look at all the parts of your body, from skin, hair, and nails to eyes, ears, and throat. They press on your abdomen and feel your joints, looking for any abnormalities. You might also require a pelvic exam.

Routine screenings can be part of your annual physical, too. For example, a prostate exam for men to check for cancer or benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) or a Pap smear for women to examine cervical cells for cancer. Blood and urine tests that measure your hormone, blood sugar, and cholesterol levels are also a routine part of most annual physicals.

What happens after my annual physical?

If there’s no sign of any problems during your annual physical and your test results are normal, you can feel confident you’re in good shape. Should your provider identify any potential issues, they’ll arrange further tests or diagnostic imaging procedures to gather more information.

You might benefit from healthy living advice if you carry excess body weight, have nutrient deficiencies, or smoke and/or drink. Honeycomb Medical Group offers weight management programs, smoking cessation, and nutrition counseling. You can also benefit from chronic care management if you have long-term health problems.

In addition to annual physicals, the practice offers routine checkups and free Medicare annual wellness visits.

Call Honeycomb Medical Group to arrange your annual physical or book an appointment online today.